Liberal Hack 2023: A Breeding Ground for Green Energy Solutions

In a world that demands radical action towards a sustainable future, the Liberal Hack 2023 offered a unique platform for the younger generation of Europeans to actively partake in defining the continent’s energy landscape. The annual hackathon was held at the Faros Hotel, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, and brought together young liberals from across Europe. Their mission? To devise innovative strategies that would make Europe energy-independent and the world’s first climate-neutral continent.

Four teams, each with four passionate individuals, spent two intense days brainstorming and debating solutions to some of Europe’s most pressing environmental and energy concerns. Topics included deforestation, sustainable transport, nuclear and renewable energy, and the circular economy. This hackathon was a testament to the power of collaborative innovation and the collective vision of a greener future.

Mrs Eugenia Herodotou, CEO and Co-Founder of EnergyIntel Services, was honored to be part of this vibrant event. As an invited speaker for the ‘Pitch Your Project’ session, she offered valuable insights on how to deliver persuasive pitches. Herodotou’s interactive session, held on Saturday, 17 June 2023, was instrumental in equipping the participants with the requisite skills to convincingly present their innovative solutions.

CEO Mrs Herodotou’s involvement with the Liberal Hack 2023 went beyond mentorship. She also joined the panel of judges that had the challenging task of evaluating the solutions proposed by each team and selecting the winner. The panel comprised other notable figures, including Michalis Ioannou, President of NEO.DEPA, Georgios Lakkotrypis, former Cypriot Minister of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism, and Even Diot Project Officer at European Liberal Forum.

The hackathon culminated with a winning team presenting an impressive policy proposal focused on the ‘Circular Economy: Maximising Value and Minimising Waste.’ The solution revolved around promoting sustainability by maximizing resource efficiency and reducing waste, underpinning the potential of young liberals to shape sustainable development and green energy policies.

Mrs Herodotou, with her extensive experience in the energy sector, was particularly well-placed to appreciate and evaluate the caliber of ideas presented during the event. As a leader in sustainable energy solutions, she understands the importance of empowering the younger generation to make informed decisions in the realm of sustainable development and green energy. 

The Liberal Hack 2023 was a testament to the European Liberal Forum and European Liberal Youth – LYMEC’s commitment to fostering liberal solutions to global challenges. The event underscored the significance of open dialogue, collective ideation, and the active involvement of young minds in influencing policy decisions that will shape the future of Europe and the world at large. 

Now, the journey for the winning proposal moves from Cyprus to the heart of Europe – Brussels. The team will present their solution to key stakeholders in the coming months, showcasing the practical implications of their proposal and advocating for policy changes that would propel Europe towards its goals of energy independence and climate neutrality. 

The Liberal Hack 2023 stood as a testament to the power of youth engagement in shaping a sustainable future. It provided a vital platform for the younger generation to contribute to Europe’s green energy vision. With each passing year, events like these reaffirm the indomitable spirit of the younger generation and their determination to lead Europe towards a greener, more sustainable future.