EnergyIntel Spearheading Energy Investments: A Recap of the Best Invest Congress 2023

Every year, investors, business leaders, and key decision-makers from across the globe convene at a significant event in Cyprus – the Best Invest Congress. Taking place annually since 2015, this congress has rapidly evolved into an international hub for business and investment dialogues. This year, from May 29-30, the congress unfolded at the Parklane Hotel in Limassol, bringing together thought leaders and professionals from various sectors to share insights, explore partnerships, and deliberate on the future of investment in Cyprus. Amidst the distinguished lineup of participants, EnergyIntel stood out, not only as a primary sponsor but also as a key contributor to the discussions. 


With a steadfast commitment to sustainable energy, EnergyIntel has been leading the way in renewable energy solutions. In keeping with this pioneering spirit, our team was thrilled to participate actively in the congress, engaging in panel discussions and dialogues. The firm’s primary aim was to share expertise, insights, and a vision for the future of energy investments. Being a significant sponsor of the congress, EnergyIntel was able to underscore the value and potential of renewable energy investments in the contemporary business landscape. 


At the core of our active engagement in the congress was EnergyIntel’s key message: “We lead others to follow”. This message is more than a motto for us; it’s a testament to our role as trailblazers in the renewable energy sector. Through participation in influential forums like the Best Invest Congress, we strive to lead the discourse on sustainable energy solutions, challenging conventional investment paradigms, and inspiring others to follow our lead. 


EnergyIntel’s Chief Operating Officer, Marios Alexandrou, was at the forefront of our involvement. On the first day of the congress, he engaged in a critical boardroom dialogue session, exploring potential investments in transportation, energy, and telecommunication infrastructures. His contributions added depth to the conversation, shedding light on the possibilities and challenges in these sectors. 

On the second day, our COO Marios Alexandrou participated in a panel discussion focusing on investment, relocation, and headquarters establishment in Cyprus. He offered pragmatic suggestions for enhancing the business and regulatory environment in Cyprus, leveraging his extensive experience and deep understanding of the economic landscape. 


The theme of this year’s congress, “Business Meets Tech”, symbolized the increasing convergence of the business and technology sectors. This convergence promises exciting future growth prospects, especially in the energy sector, and the congress was a platform to spark conversations on these subjects. It led to robust discussions on the potential for innovation and the reshaping of industry landscapes, particularly in the field of energy. 


Reflecting on our participation in the Best Invest Congress 2023, we at EnergyIntel feel a renewed commitment to leading the energy transition. Such influential forums offer us the opportunity to engage in dynamic dialogues, establish strategic partnerships, and champion innovations that drive sustainable energy investments. As we continue to pioneer this shift, we look forward to more opportunities to inspire and guide others along this path. Our firm is unwavering in its mission to shape a future where energy investments are not just about profit but are intrinsically tied to sustainability and responsible resource use.