The first truly dispatchable twenty-four seven electricity delivery system based on solar energy.

Electron 24/7 is utilising the unlimited SUN energy and provides continuous supply and eliminate mismatch of electricity demand. Electron24/7 is a game-changer.


The climate crisis is humanity’s greatest challenge. But by working together to lower our collective carbon emissions to zero, we can fight it.

We’ve got the green energy and technology you need to kick carbon. And the more of us there are, the faster we’ll reach net zero.


Meet the future! Its all about green energy and awesome technology! Electron24/7 is utilising the unlimited SUN energy and provides continuous supply and eliminate mismatch of electricity demand. Electron24/7 is a game-changer.


The Company has a dedicated team of experts that is continuously upgrading, optimising, demonstrating, validating and promoting the Project’s technology having successfully to date reached Technology Readiness Level 6.

Not only is the team able to deliver the technological solution, but they have also demonstrated strong skills in being able to commercialise the solution and to get the product to market, having already obtained letters of intent.

Electron247 Phase A-24 Hours Autonomy Grant Award

On 12/05/2020, EnergyIntel has proudly signed the contract with RIF for a grant of €1.0 million that was initially awarded on 30/01/2020.

The grant is part of the Scheme Innovate/Restart 2016-2020 of the National Calls for Innovation proposals in SME Enterprises, under the structured Funds of EU in accordance to the “Europe 2020” strategy for smart, sustainable, inclusive growth.

Our success is a result of our dedicated staff, experts, and strategic alliances, who work across all sectors of RES in order  to substantially increase the use of renewables in electricity generation to the levels required for the EU2050 target of near zero carbon economy. It will contribute to the global effort to reverse climate change, which is one of the company’s long term goals.

Securing electricity access in the lowest cost-effective way and at the same time respecting the environment is the biggest challenge that countries worldwide are trying to tackle. 100% renewable electricity generation is the obvious solution, but electricity storage is considered more and more demanding. We have created Electron247, the disruptive thermal battery which for the first time provides the solution to store the solar heat and while currently 24 hours of continuous operation is possible we will deliver a larger capacity for 60 hours autonomy.

Electron247 uses an extremely high energy dense thermal battery which is primarily charged by the efficient harvesting of the abundant solar energy during daytime to such levels that it will be able to feed the high efficiency electricity converter continuously at full capacity for at least 60 hours after the sun is gone. 

Having achieved reaching TRL6, Electron247 has developed a complete prototype consisting of validated technological elements.

During the demonstration phase, showcase presentations, workshops, webinars, etc., will be held to boost awareness and confidence in the Electron247 product.

EnergyIntel will utilize the €1.5 million budget in order to successfully complete the optimization and verification of the pilot system and demonstrate the technology in order to be ready to proceed in Commercial Actions.