Solar Smart Cars

Driving to a greener future!

Time to go electric! Live that greener life for less!
EV Charging: Power at home.

Make the most of your car with a next generation smart EV charger. Packed with innovative features and super intuitive technology, it will help you live life in the green line. Great news for your wallet and planet.

Fuel the energy transition. Make the smart grid revolution happen!

Smappee makes it easy for people and businesses to use (renewable) energy more efficiently via one interconnected ecosystem. We continuously invest in future-proof solutions that can adapt to any energy scenario by adding extra modules, options and services at any time. Thanks to Smappee’s energy efficiency solutions you are set for the coming energy transition and smart grid (r)evolution.

Smappee Infinity provides the most comprehensive, future-proof, smart energy management offering on the market. It delivers increased energy efficiency thanks to detailed, real-time energy consumption data. Add solar, gas and water for a complete overview of all your energy flows at a glance. Smappee Infinity is easy to install and to integrate with IoT services, and features dynamic load balancing, optimised self-consumption, smart charging and real-time steering to balance the grid or adjust consumption considering the energy stock exchange.

Driving the EV revolution.

Our smart charging solutions allow EV drivers to charge safely, without blown fuses and with solar energy. They can track their charging sessions and costs in real-time in the Smappee App. Thanks to the integrated Smappee energy efficient technology the energy flows towards the charging station and the rest of the home or building are controlled. When solar isn’t available, Smappee considers variable and capacity rates to charge your car with the cheapest energy. Business clients can control each charging point separately, assign priorities and different rates. Smappee’s A-to-Z charging solution includes hardware, software and payment services.