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Radiant Heating / Cooling

Radiant Heating Systems for floor, ceiling and wall with their large heat exchange surface regulate the thermal energy in every room, bringing heat or cold according to the season!

  • Underfloor heating and cooling
  • Ceiling heating and cooling
  • Wall heating and cooling

Underfloor heating is synonymous with comfort: the uniform distribution of temperature within a living or working environment generates a pleasant sensation of physical wellbeing and ensures significant energy-saving, total furnishing freedom, and clean and healthy rooms.

The temperature in rooms heated with traditional systems tends to be higher closer to the ceiling and lower at floor level, whereas underfloor heating systems allow heat to be released throughout the entire floor surface, so the temperature is distributed evenly, guaranteeing an ideal climate for the needs and the comfort of the human body.

This is why underfloor heating is currently considered as the best heating system.

RDZ low-temperature underfloor heating systems use water circulating through a network of pipes concealed below the floor tiles. Heat diffusion into the room is primarily a result of radiation and allows users to obtain uniform temperature distribution. This special feature not only ensures a sensation of physical wellbeing but also allows the system to function at low temperatures, thus ensuring lower energy consumption than traditional systems. Underfloor heating systems can be also covered in any type of flooring: ceramic, parquet, marble, hard brick, etc. Since it is an invisible installation, the system allows full use of the available space, with a wide range of furnishing options.

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b!klimax is an integrated heating and cooling system that exploits the ability of ceilings and walls to exchange heat and cold with the environment and with people by radiation. In this way the human body can perfectly balance its heat exchanges, increasing the level of perceived comfort.

The increasing request of these kinds of systems ensuring healthy rooms and comfort all year round, as well as the long experience and the constant technologic research urge RDZ to develop some new solutions besides the traditional b!klimax system, in order to guarantee high thermal output, much easier installation and larger versatility of use, also in hospitals and hotels, where there are special requirements about the reaction to fire.

Innovative and versatile, b!klimax is a radiant heating and cooling system for ceilings and walls, which represents an ideal solution in rooms where it is important to maintain comfortable conditions all year round. It's very low thermal inertia and high efficiency make b!klimax the ideal system for houses, renovated buildings and commercial applications.

Completely concealed in ceilings or walls, b!klimax makes it possible to use all the available space while improving the appearance of the room.

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