Clean Energy is about Business, not just Energy!

“Clean energy is about business not just energy! More people are focusing on how to make energy a strategic asset rather than a cost related one; and for a good reason too! Based on global survey of over 1.500 energy decision markets (The Distributed Energy Future Trends Report) energy conscious companies outperform their competitors. These trends confirm that energy has moved from being a basic business requirement to a strategic asset”

 Eugenia Herodotou, CEO EnergyIntel Services Ltd


We proudly announce our agreement with Reconcept Green Global Investments officially signed on 07/01/2020. Reconcept is an independent, owner-managed company based in Hamburg, and is proud to be one of Germany’s market leaders in investments in renewable energy assets. With 20 years of investment expertise in the field of Renewable Energy, Reconcept has access to high quality investment opportunities in attractive “green” assets and markets and translates these into clear investment offerings tailored to individual investment objectives.

Reconcept is actively investing in a cleaner, brighter future, through sustainable capital market products – such as real asset investments, participation rights and bonds – that finance the expansion of renewable energy plants. Reconcept will join our team as the main sponsor and partner for implementing PayGreen Solution in Cyprus market and Renewable Energy Projects.

PayGreen is EnergyIntel’s solution to any Commercial & Industrial electricity consumer in order to reduce significantly the consumption from fuel related electricity, thus saving thousands of euro in electricity Bills. PayGreen is one of our tools that will be deployed for boosting the faster growth of Self-Consumption Energy from Photovoltaic and other Renewable Energy technologies. It will contribute to our company’s effort to reverse climate change, and support our country targets towards EU goals on renewable energy penetration in the energy mix.